V-Shapes One hand Easy opening 單手易開包裝設備





  • 高性能的工業4.0集成設計

  • 直觀人性化的HMI

  • 模塊化系統和緊湊的尺寸

Automatic V-Shapes packaging machine Model Alpha

With a wide range of filling volumes and different customizable layouts available, the Alpha machine for packaging single-portion packets is distinctive for its reduced size and compact modular system.

The modern design of this packaging machine hides an advanced technological heart of the latest generation.

The technology of its brushless motors and the accurate systems of dosing prevent anti-economical overfills on volumes from 0.2 ml to 40 ml.

  • Integrated design for the industry 4.0 with high performance

  • Intuitive, user-friendly HMI

  • Modular system and compact size