V-Shapes Trojan Print + Prime 單手易開印刷包裝一體機




世界首創的TrojanLabel T2窄幅軟包裝噴墨印刷機TrojanLabel與經濟型Prime包裝機的結合,使您可以在最小的空間內精益生產並快速交付V-Shapes®創新的小型單手開包裝。

  • 適用於工業4.0的集成設計,佔地面積小

  • 直觀友善的HMI介面

  • 較低的生產批量要求

New concept:

In-line print, form, fill and seal Solution

Thanks to V-Shapes know-how in the packaging market, we created an all-in-one solution to produce rapidly and with ease a fully customized sachet starting from the reels printing till the final boxing.

The combination of world’s first narrow flexible ink-jet press TrojanLabel T2 By TrojanLabel and the compact Prime packaging machine allows you to have in a minimal space a LEAN production and fast delivery of V-Shapes® customized unit-dose sachet with the innovative one hand opening system.

  • Integrated design for the industry 4.0 with small footprint

  • Intuitive, user-friendly HMI

  • Low MOQ capabilities